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Oscars 2013 memoriam: where’s Lupe?

Lupe Ontiveros

Despite a 35-year Hollywood career, Lupe Ontiveros was ignored in the “In Memoriam” segment at the Oscars… and online.

Every year, the Oscars take a moment to remember the Hollywood-makers that passed away.  The list usually includes well-known celebrities and some lesser-known ones, as well as behind the scenes players, such as writers, producers and editors.

The 2013 list had some glaring omissions.  One that caused a stir among the Latino community was the absence of Lupe Ontiveros, who died of cancer in July 2012.

Lupe may never have an ultra famous celebrity Hollywood, but she was well-known and respected by Latino media, filmmakers and audience, and had a steady career in film and television.

During her 35 years in showbiz, she had numerous high-profile roles in films like “Selena,” “El Norte,” “Real Women Have Curves” and had a recurring role in “Desperate Housewives,” for which she received an Emmy nomination.

She would often joke that Hollywood typecast her, having her play a maid in more than 150 films and television shows, even though she was highly educated and spoke multiple languages.  She played a maid in James L. Brooks’s “As Good as It Gets” and Steven Spielberg’s “Goonies.”

Lupe wasn’t the only glaring omission in the video montage during the Oscars.  There were multiple snubs.  Among those missing:  Larry Hagman, Andy Griffith, Barry Gibb and Donna Summer.

Realizing the slip, and to cover some bases, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences posted a supplementary “In Memorium” online gallery to honor those who didn’t get recognized during the awards show. But Lupe Ontiveros was also left out the online slideshow.

It’s not like the producers of this nostalgic segment didn’t have time to prepare.  Is this a sign they’re insensitive, clueless or just don’t care about their Latino audience?

2/27/13 Update:  After much criticism and outrage from the Latino community, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science today added Lupe to the In Memoriam gallery.  In a statement issued yesterday by the star’s family, her son says:

“We believe the Academy’s glaring omission displayed an indifference to the Latino community and made a statement about the lack of regard for Latino talent in film.  It was also a missed opportunity by the Academy to reach out to the millions of Latinos movie fans, who go to the movies at a higher rate than any other group in the U.S.”

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4 Responses to “Oscars 2013 memoriam: where’s Lupe?”

  1. Gloria de Forrado says:

    Where is Lupe???????????????
    Where is your SPANISH?????????

    You “cover Latinos in the Industry (Telemundo, Univision, Mega TV, etc)
    in ENGLISH (?????)

    Do not complain about the Americans if you are the first one to “break the rules”
    Thank you

    • E. Misconi says:

      Como decia mi abuelo: “Siempre hay un frustrado que tiene que dañar la Fiesta!” Is that enough Spanish for you Ms. de Forrado???

      I, as well as thousands of people who check MediaMoves everyday, LIKE YOURSELF, otherwise you will not be posting “toxic” messages here, are thankful for the wonderful -and informative- job this site is doing.

      Nobody is “Breaking the Rules.” You can be a little more “educated” and do not convert the article into a “racist” propaganda to attempt to make you look like a hero.

      The article is not complaining about “the Americans.” It is reporting an unfortunate FACT that occurred in one of the worst produced Academy Awards shows in a long time.

      MediaMoves…THANK YOU! and PLEASE…Keep breaking the rules!

  2. Miguel L says:

    Gloria, if you want a site in Spanish create one. I follow Spanish language media but i like to be informed in English. Keep up the great work Veronica.


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