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Morato out as WXTV news director

Norma-Morato-smallRumblings of her departure have been circulating for the past two weeks, but t’s finally official. After 13 years, Norma Morato is no longer News Director of Univision’s O&O station in New York.

One inside source says she has resigned. Another source says she was seen packing her belongings from her office last Friday signaling she was on her way out.

Norma had led WXTV-41’s news department since 2001.

She began her career at WXTV in 1981. Two years later, she moved to WNJU Telemundo 47, where she became news director.

In 1986, Norma left Telemundo to take on a jobs as a producer for WCBS, where she worked for 10 years. Before rejoining WXTV in 2000, she
was a producer at CNBC, 20/20, and Consumer Reports.

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15 Responses to “Morato out as WXTV news director”

  1. The MOST sadistic, authoritarian, back stabber, and gossipmonger of ALL news directors out there. (Helga Silva) of Telemundo Miami is the only one that comes close. Even people that did not work for this woman cloud not stand her. Her workers did all the work of letting other people know. She directed that news room like a true dictator. Not a people person and not a leader. The only reason she lasted long 13 years with Univision is because Univision has always dominated the ratings in New York. Historically. Part of that is due to a very weak Telemundo 47 New York station.
    Resigned? Oh please. Yeah, with an ultimatum. Bye bye Norma Morato. Let’s hope Univision of Telemundo does not make the same mistake again.

  2. ACloseEye says:

    When Betrayal and Conniving were created, she was there, from the very beginning; supervising formula, filtering and trade. She certainly has several heads and tons of tongues. Probably already executed: Telemundo most likely will pick her up. It’s the nature of this heartless business.

  3. Hunter Thompson says:

    The most horrendous human being I have ever met in an already horrendous profession. Gargantuan in her quest for power, she would crush anything that stood in her way with gossip, malicious lies and innuendo. Arrogant and cruel. Not afraid to slash her own mothers tires to get ahead. She had special loathing for other women that were smarter than her. Good riddance.

  4. COLO says:


  5. Yves says:

    This woman is the the perfect picture of hell. She is vicious, nasty and the worst human beingi any person can encounter. She is the mist despicable soul. I hope she realize that you can not live hurting everything in her path.

  6. Margaret says:

    This woman is the the perfect picture of hell. She is vicious, nasty and the worst human beingi any person can encounter. She is the mist despicable soul. I hope she realize that you can not live hurting everything in her path. Life is funny because it will get you back what you deserve.

  7. Past Employee says:

    These vicious attacks towards her are all LIES. I worked with Norma for a couple of years and for those of you who are criticizing her work ethic, you are all completely wrong! She was a tuff woman who knew her stuff. She took WXTV to a higher level that very few news leaders are able to do. She fought for her people and wasn’t afraid to get in trouble with higher management. Stop the lies! She’s not a monster! If a woman with a strong character intimidates you, then get over it!

  8. Another says:

    It’s not a matter of strength, character or trying to man-up in a very tough environment as it’s the TV one: the issue here is respect and leadership. She lacks both. Now, if you worked in there, you surely witnessed how all the job was basically done and delivered by certain employees within that newsroom, that, while she spent a great deal of time either off, sick, in Europe or in Miami. Anchor/Reporter said it clearly: the only reason why 41 has reigned, it’s because we all know that 47 flunks over and over, content and talent wise. As we in the industry also expect that the new management in Ft Lee, will finally turns things over. You heard, Cristina ?

  9. PptmPptm says:

    Any individual who expresses words like these about another human being is worse than anything you accuse her of. Norma led a successful operation and developed ALOT of talent in this business. I think it’s only fair that her legacy which is being portrayed here be given some balance. Norma and Helga lead the way for a lot of women to succeed in this business. in this business there is no one who is 100 percent loved by everyone, and especially a woman with high standards. I can only hope that a few more people would love Norma would be brave enough to post and offset the haters.

  10. All4one says:

    Norma got what she deserved! She was all about one thing, herself. She is
    not a leader, a strong woman, or a good person. For the past 13 years she
    Had thrown her weight around in the newsroom and created an atmosphere of
    Fear, dishonesty, and favoritism. No one can imply that she represented woman
    Or Univision in a good way. Let me give you a little inside information;
    1- a senior female reporter sued the company & Norma for discrimination.
    2-more than half a dozen female reporters left or weren’t hire (now working on
    Network, Telemundo, or other Univision Station) but for sure Morato made then
    Feel inadequate.
    3-she favored and promoted people without previous experience just because
    They were in her circle.
    4-she did not follow proper HR procedures to promote from within, or to
    Motivate WXTV team.
    Univision employees now have the chance to have their voice heard with the
    draconian, negative Morato gone.



  11. tvpro says:

    Let me start by saying that TV, like many other industries are nothing more than an “old boys club”…however, that under no circumstances gives a woman in power free reign to make peoples’ lives a living hell. Let’s set the record straight…Univision and Telemundo both have a fair share of talented, gutsy, take the bull by the horns women who employees are happy to work for. Do they make mistakes…sure. The best bosses let people grow in their profession, they are happy to see them hit the network air running. That was not the case here. If you were a man, or came from money in WXTV you were golden.((for the most part)) Smart, pretty women were in for it and if you were a mother God help you. She wrapped herself with people who could do her dirty work…humiliated a myriad of reporters and hurt the careers of many by blacklisting them with other industry professionals just because she could. One could probably expect that from some bigot who would treat their employees like dirt because of their ethnic background but the saddest part of all is that she is a Latina…although she sometimes forgets it.

  12. WorkedWithHer says:

    There is a great deal of emotion in these comments. Having worked with Norma for 4 years, I can also attest to her conduct. I saw her destroy careers out of jealousy and pettiness. She would lie and deceive. She was vindictive. I saw her humiliate and berate her subordinates in a way that is just unacceptable. If not for other honest people at the company I would have never learned of her attempts to ruin my career.

    Univision’s corporate culture is bad. There are many bad apples in the company and she is just one of them but she happens to be one of the worst.

    I don’t know what her motiviations were. Did she feel insecure? Inferior? Was she jealous of the success of others? Whatever they were she wielded her power in a ruthless, petty and cruel way that cannot be justified. She does not deserve to be in any kind of management position. She can’t handle it. Hopefully this article will rank on Google for “Norma Morato” so any potential employer will avoid the mistake of hiring her.

    For her sake she should reflect on her life and career and apologize to all of the people she needlessly hurt.

  13. Hunter Thompson says:

    This was a woman that had no qualms when it came to derailing anothers career, especially went that other was a woman. I believe all that have written here have had the experience of working with her. When even your fellow Cuban American women can’t stand you, that should say something.

  14. Rosemary says:

    La senora Norma: Voy a describir algunas situaciones que observe en los anos que trabaje al lado de este mostruo, pues no se le puede llamar de otra forma. Esta mujer le dio la punalada al director de noticias anterior para quedarse con el trabajo. Luego se rodeo de un grupito que hizo de anillo de seguidad y quienes reportaban a la sra. para que ella decidiera la forma de castigo y acoso a los qe serian expuestos los empleados.
    Recuerdo que Rafael Pineda estaba haciendo un chiste con una empleada y ella pasaba en ese momento, al rato llamo a la empleada a su oficina y le dijo a esta muchacha que le abriera un caso en recursos humanos para danarle a carrera a este valuarte de la television. Ea muchacha se nego y desde ahi esta mujer le hizo la vida imposible hasta la boto y luego por anos se encargo de cerrarle las puertas en todas partes donde ella solicito.
    A otra muchacha tambien la persiguio con ainco por aceptar un trabajo en el canal 5 hasta que tuvo qe irse del estado. Decenas de periodistas han quedado vacantes porque ella llama personalmente para cerrarle las puertas de otros canales. Solo sus secuazes tenian vacaciones juntos, aumentos de sueldo e invitaciones. Se ponia en los reportajes que producian otros y era ella quien aparecia para ganar el credito y reconocimiento cuando no sabe escribir un intro. No hablo de la persona pues podra ser buena, pero como profesional es peor que una hiena. Solo deseo que dios toque su alma para que un dia se arrepienta de tanto dano que ha hecho.

  15. nelson says:

    norma i sent you the shit