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María Elena Salinas to leave Univision

Maria Elena SalinasAnchor María Elena Salinas today announced she is not renewing her contract with Univision and will leave the network in December.

Her departure will close a 36-year career at Univision, during which she became the longest running female network news anchor in the country.

Starting in January, Salinas will work independently as a journalist and producer.

Earlier this year, she landed her first series in English on Discovery ID – “The Real Story with María Elena Salinas.”

According to a Discovery spokesperson, “The Real Story” averaged over one million total viewers across its 10 primetime episode premieres and was ID’s top series among Hispanics during the second quarter of this year.

In a release, Univision said it will announce Salinas’ replacement on the network newscast with Jorge Ramos and the co-host who will join Teresa Rodríguez on the newsmagazine “Aquí y Ahora” in the coming months.

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11 Responses to “María Elena Salinas to leave Univision”

  1. WallFly says:

    Co host? What a funny tale !
    He has been demanding flying solo for way so many years already…good luck with that, Mrs Chosen.
    He wanted her out and he prevailed.

  2. Dan Rader says:

    Her house is on sale since feb… she knew she was out at the end of the year. She was lucky, no talent as a journalist but she is good reading the prompter, too good based on J.Ramos rant on air.

  3. Mari says:

    Wow! I didn’t see her departure coming because I no longer watch Univision news. I only watch Telemundo.
    However, it seems like she has plans in her future.

  4. From my Desk says:

    Someone threw a loaded pamper to the ceiling fan.
    This was not supposed to get leaked, yet it happened. Anyone can tell how “moved” was El Actitista Jorge, in helping her to move out yesterday.
    These guys, oh my, so in love with the Trump’s leakings and now, they just got served by the same fashion. .

  5. Dan Rader says:

    Maybe she leaked it before another humiliation from the company… she was admired by the audience without merit, just because she was there reading the prompter… they rather keep Ramos, because he is apparently anti trump

  6. Misha says:

    Se fue o la fueron?
    Sus “ventings” de pasillo y ataques de cigarrillos, eran ya epicos!

  7. La Cascada says:

    Y los jovencitos de Miami, felices o asustados con la noticia ?

    • Manny Restrepo says:

      Los jovencitos “digitales” de Miami y de los otros markets deberían estar espantados, van para afuera muy pronto según escuche hace unos dias en los “pasillos”. No mijo, desde que llegaron los colombianos (me toca) Univision va pa bajo!
      Lo Único que salvaría ese proyecto infantil de Ediciones Digitales es $$. Malos conductores (los que son rechazados como “anchors” en sus mercados, los mandan al digital de mediodía ), Enlaces con celulares, etc MAL producto y barato.
      Lastima que sale la periodista Maria Elena, aunque no soy mexicano me identificaba con ella.

      • La Cascada says:

        Gracias Manny.
        Pero yo me referia a… sus otros gustos.
        Vamos majo, se que me entiendes.

        • Daniel General says:

          Muy bien conocida como cougar en FLA. Pero que importa su vida personal…. aqui lo que vale es su profesionalismo

          • Felix DeBeirut says:

            To read a teleprompter for a sassy salary?
            I don’t think so brother.
            Good for her about the greenies and the youngters, but please, let’s not mixing things in here.
            This is a company in which growing was either minimum or non existent. Or often cut off.
            Both of them, Ramos and Salinas, have been just mere Agenda pushers for years. Last year was the culprit of this.
            And on her case, being a product of the circumstances made her place. Otherwise, ask her female co host in the weekends show.
            It was like that before, it’s like that, but in a worse way, today.


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