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Estrella TV debuts two morning shows

Estrella TV debuts two morning shows

Anaís Salazar, José Luis González and Claudia González

From L to R: Anaís Salazar, José Luis González and Claudia González.

Estrella TV is expanding original programming to its weekday mornings.

The network today launched its first ever national morning newscast and morning shows.

Newscast “Primera Edición” kicks off the day at 7:30 am/6:30 CT, followed by one-hour entertainment program “Buenos Días Familia” at 8 am/7 CT.

Anaís Salazar will anchor the morning newscast. She’ll also do news updates throughout “Buenos Días.”

José Luis González and Claudia González will host the new entertainment program, which will feature celebrity interviews, human-interest stories and entertainment news.

Anaís and Claudia both have been co-hosting Estrella TV’s “iTestigo.” José Luis has had a long history at the network. He was the host of the controversial “José Luis Sin Censura,” and has also hosted “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento.”

Both shows are executive produced by Juan Alberto Santos, who will also continue to EP “En Vivo,” which airs weekdays at 12:30 pm in the Los Angeles market and nationally at 5 pm/4 pm CT.

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MundoMax to shut down, Estrella TV takes over affiliates

MundoMax to shut down, Estrella TV takes over affiliates

MundoMax - Estrella TVThe struggling network that started as a joint venture in 2012 between Fox International Channels and RCN Colombia will soon be off the air for good, according to inside sources.

MundoMax, which was born MundoFox and was rebranded last year when RCN parted ways with Fox and took sole ownership of the network, is negotiating exits with the last remaining affiliates it has in the United States.

In the past few months, several stations have already changed affiliations from MundoMax to independent status as those affiliate contracts expired, including WOCK channel 13 in Chicago, KFWD channel 52 in Dallas, KCNS channel 38 in San Francisco and WTBS channel 26 in the Atlanta area.

“The signal is no longer viable and they will no longer broadcast,” states an insider. When asked about the possibility of a cable only operation, the source says management is liquidating all assets and is apparently looking to cut its losses by eliminating MundoMax.

MundoMax management has ignored multiple requests for comment since Media Moves first reported the affiliate shutdown in early October.

According to a source, MundoMax will go off the air at Meruelo Media-owned KWHY-22 in Los Angeles at the end of this month. The network may continue to broadcast a little longer at WGEN-TV in Miami if executives can’t negotiate a buyout before the affiliate contract expires.

Dismal ratings (often a 0 rating), distribution problems and Colombian programming that never took off with the U.S. Hispanic audience have led to the network’s demise.

As MundoMax winds down, Estrella TV has seen an opportunity.

The LBI Media network, which seeks to expand its reach, will take over affiliation from two MundoMax stations – Cocola Broadcasting-owned KGMC channel 43.1 Fresno and Sun Broadcasting-owned WXCW channel 46.2 Ft. Myers-Naples.

LBI will also add Cocola Broadcasting-owned KWSM Santa Barbara as a new Estrella TV affiliate.

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Estrella TV confirms hiring Ospina as VP of Local News

Estrella TV confirms hiring Ospina as VP of Local News

Andrea OspinaAs Media Moves first reported in September, Andrea Ospina is moving to Los Angeles to work for Estrella TV.

The company today officially announced Ospina has been named to the newly created role of VP of Local News for KRCA-62. She starts the new role on Monday, October 10.

Ospina becomes the first female to lead the L.A. station’s local news division. She’ll be reporting to the company’s head of production, Ivan Stoilkovich.

Her hiring comes at a time when the company is facing two sexual harassment lawsuits from former anchor Adriana Ruggiero, named in the complaint as “Jane Doe,” and current news anchor Karla Amezola. Both complaints explicitly name Angulo as the alleged perpetrator of the unlawful behavior, and Estrella TV’s parent company LBI Media for not doing enough to protect them from the sexual harassment.

With this move, starting next week, Amezola should be directly reporting to Ospina, not Angulo.

Ospina arrives to Estrella TV from KTMD Telemundo in Houston, where she Assistant News Director for less than five months. She was previously News Director at KTAZ Telemundo Arizona for five years.

Story was updated to reflect that Ospina will report to Ivan Stoilkovich, not Andrés Angulo as was previously indicated by the company.

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LBI Media signs deal to air Estrella TV on DirecTV

LBI Media signs deal to air Estrella TV on DirecTV

Estrella TV DirecTVLBI Media, parent company of Estrella TV, has signed a multi-year carriage agreement with AT&T to have its network on DirecTV.

The deal places the network on DirecTV’s Hispanic package, expanding its national coverage.

Prior to this agreement, Estrella TV was only available on DirectTV in Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Denver and Salt Lake City through local market broadcast affiliations.

Starting today, Estrella TV is available on DirecTV’s Channel 442.

According to the company, the carriage deal will allow Estrella TV to further invest in its original programming strategy and build the network’s brand.

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Armed with audio recordings, anchor Karla Amezola sues Angulo & Estrella TV for sexual harassment

Armed with audio recordings, anchor Karla Amezola sues Angulo & Estrella TV for sexual harassment

Karla Amezola

Estrella TV Karla Amezola claims she was sexually harassed by the network’s VP of News Andrés Angulo for years, but after the inappropriate advances escalated, she decided to report him. And when the company allegedly ignored her, she hired an attorney to take her case to court.

Amezola was the first Estrella TV anchor to file a lawsuit against Angulo and Estrella TV parent company Liberman Broadcasting, Inc., but her case surfaced only after a lawsuit by another co-worker was made public.

The biggest difference in Amezola’s case is that she apparently has a series of audio recordings allegedly catching Angulo sexually propositioning her.

The complaint, filed on June 23 in Los Angeles Superior Court, cites a history of harassment, detailing instances of Angulo’s “shameless and disgusting acts” that “continued to escalate in levels of depravity.”

An LBI spokesman would not comment on the cases while there is pending litigation.

Adding Amezola’s lawsuit, now two Estrella TV anchors have taken legal action against LBI and Angulo, accusing the company of ignoring their concerns and well-being after reporting their supervisor’s allegedly inappropriate behavior to a human resources representative.

You can read the description of the alleged instances of sexual harassment, all the details about the complaint, why Amezola’s attorneys believe she has a strong case and why more victims of harassment will step forward in my Forbes story Sex, Lies And Audiotape: Another Anchor Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against Estrella TV And News VP.

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Anchor says she was fired for reporting sexual harassment; sues Estrella TV & Andrés Angulo

Anchor says she was fired for reporting sexual harassment; sues Estrella TV & Andrés Angulo

Estrella TV-Andres Angulo sexual harassment suit

Estrella TV parent company LBI Media Inc., Liberman Broadcasting, Inc. and Andrés Angulo are being sued by a former anchor who claims she was fired for reporting sexual harassment.

In the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the anchor is suing for wrongful termination, sexual harassment and breach of contract.

The lawsuit lists the plaintiff as Jane Doe. But all the information listed in the document indicates the anchor in question is Adriana Ruggiero, who was hired in 2013 and was national anchor until April of this year.

A source has confirmed Ruggiero is Jane Doe.Adriana Ruggiero

Media Moves obtained a copy of the lawsuit, in which Ruggiero claims Andrés Angulo, Estrella TV’s Vice President of News, told her the company’s owner Lenard Liberman thought she didn’t look sexy enough to be promoted to national newscast anchor.

Angulo allegedly told Ruggiero she had “a beautiful pair of tits and should show them more.”

In the complaint, Ruggiero says she met with LBI’s general counsel and the VP of Human Resources, and suggested the company should investigate Angulo’s treatment of all the women at the station.

She claims she was terminated on April 20, 2016 due to her sexual harassment complaint.

Andres Angulo

Andrés Angulo, VP of News of Estrella TV.

Her last day on the air was April 29.

The lawsuit seeks past and future lost wages, “general damages for mental pain and anguish and emotional distress,” as well as punitive damages to punish LBI for wrongful conduct and “deter such conduct in the future.”

An LBI company spokesman would not address the lawsuit and accusations of sexual harassment. “Per company policy, we don’t comment on pending litigation.”

You can read a much more in-depth account of the accusations listed in the complaint in my story on Forbes.

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Adriana Ruggiero exits Estrella TV

Adriana Ruggiero exits Estrella TV

Adriana RuggieroNetwork anchor Adriana Ruggiero and Estrella TV are parting ways. Today will be her last day on the air, after almost 4 years with the company.

Adriana first joined Estrella TV in 2012 as a reporter for “Noticias 62” in Los Angeles and started co-anchoring the station’s 5 and 11 pm newscasts a year later.

In 2015, Adriana took over as anchor of national newscast “Noticiero Estrella TV” at 5:30 pm ET after Myrka Dellanos’ departure. She stepped in as primetime network anchor at 10:30 pm during Enrique Gratas’ illness and after his death in October of last year.

Adriana also hosted Sunday public affairs program “En La Lucha,” after the network parted ways with Hernán Molina, its original host.

Earlier this year, Estrella TV hired Mexican personality Pedro Ferriz Híjar to take over its 10:30 pm national newscast “Cierre de Edición” and “En La Lucha,” pushing Adriana out of both shows.

Adriana was reassigned to the 5:30 pm network newscast.

In a written statement, Adriana, said she is exploring new opportunities in the industry. “I am just very excited for all the new opportunities I know are coming.”

Before moving to Los Angeles, Adriana, an attorney in her native Venezuela, worked as a local news anchor at Televisora de Oriente and as Director of Communications of an international law firm.

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Estrella TV files FCC complaint against Comcast

Estrella TV files FCC complaint against Comcast

EstrellaTV-ComcastLiberman Broadcasting has filed a carriage complaint with the FCC against Comcast, claiming it’s discriminating against Estrella TV “for the purpose of benefitting its own Spanish-language networks Telemundo and NBC Universo.”

Estrella TV is currently off the air in Comcast households in Denver, Houston and Salt Lake City.

Liberman argues Comcast is violating FCC regulations and NBC Universal merger conditions by refusing to negotiate retransmission fees due to a conflict of interest as owner of Telemundo and NBC Universo.

The complaint, filed April 8, also claims Comcast is “seeking to exert its market position to unlawfully force Estrella to relinquish the digital rights to its own content as a condition for carriage.”

According to a B&C story, Liberman was trying to upgrade from must-carry status to retransmission consent, trying to negotiate license fees for the stations. But by choosing that option, if a deal isn’t reached, Comcast doesn’t have to carry them.

Comcast has responded to the complaint with this statement:

“Liberman Broadcasting has no case based on the law or the facts. First, as a threshold matter, the program carriage rules simply do not cover broadcasters like Liberman. They do not apply to broadcast networks. Second, Comcast did not drop Estrella TV; Liberman pulled the broadcast stations in three markets, and Comcast continues to carry Estrella TV to about six million subscribers across the country,” the company said in a statement.

This purported carriage complaint is just the latest attempt by Liberman to extract carriage and fees from Comcast that are in no way justified based on the weak performance of Estrella TV…Comcast negotiated in good faith for months before Liberman pulled the Estrella TV signals in the three markets. In fact, we offered to continue to carry the stations under the existing arrangements, which are the same terms we have with other, comparable stations.

Our decision not to pay the exorbitant price demanded by Liberman was a reasonable business judgment in the interest of our customers – and one that has been confirmed over the past year given the absence of any demand for Estrella TV in these markets.”

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