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Univision and Telemundo stations in Chicago and Miami celebrate Emmy wins

Univision and Telemundo stations in Chicago and Miami celebrate Emmy wins

It was Emmy weekend for Univision and Telemundo stations in Chicago and Miami. The rival stations in Chicago each picked up five awards, but Telemundo won best evening newscast at 10 pm.

In Miami, Telemundo 51 took the lead, winning in a total of 12 categories, including overall excellence and news excellence. Univision 23 won 9 categories, in addition to securing the Governor’s Award for best overall local station.

The ceremonies for both the Chicago/Midwest and Suncoast Chapters of NATAS took place on Saturday, December 3.

Univision Chicago Emmys 2016

The Univision Chicago team celebrates their five Emmy wins.

Here are the station’s winning categories:


WGBO Univision

Outstanding Achievement for News Gathering – Serious News (Hard) Series
En Manos del Terror
Maria de Lourdes Garcia, Teri Arvesu, Producers; Natalie Perez, Reporter.

Outstanding Achievement for News Gathering – Light News (Soft News) Single Feature/Series)
Pequeña Escritora
Ligia Granados, Reporter.

Outstanding Achievement for Arts/Entertainment Programming – Segment
Lánzate Chicago
Diego Guirado, Host; Ivan Garcia, Diogenes Lluberes, Daniela Moreno, Producers.

Outstanding Achievement for Programming Promos (Non-News) Single Spot/Campaign
Orgullo Chicago Our City
Michael Bania, Jaime Elizalde, Jovanny Evans, Ivan Garcia, Diego Guirado, Daniel Maldonado, Daniela Moreno, Fabian Ramirez, Jessica Resendiz, Producers.

Outstanding Crafts Achievement Off-Air – Directing
Orgullo Chicago
Jaime Elizalde, Ivan Garcia

Telemundo Chicago Emmys 2016

Among its five Emmy wins, Telemundo Chicago picked up best 10 pm newscast.

WSNS Telemundo 

Outstanding Achievement for News Programming – Evening Newscast: Larger Markets (1-50)
10pm Newscast: Gage Park Massacre Arrests: Maria Atkinson, Sylvia Barragan, Mario Bernal, Iris Berrios, Marali Madrid Burciaga, Alfonso Gutierrez, John Hodai, Jorge Lara, Anabel Monge, Rick Munoz, Javier Pacheco, Cesar Rodriguez, Wendy Straw, Curtis Sweat, Sebastian Torres, Alberto Urbina, Ricardo Vento.

Outstanding Achievement for News Specialty Report/Series – Business/Consumer
Policias del Cable/Crackdown or Shake Down: Alba Mendiola, Lisa Parker, Reporters; Robin Green, Diana
Maldonado, Raul Quinones, Mark Ringo, Marcela Santana, Tony Vitale, Producers.

Outstanding Achievement for News Gathering – Investigative Series 
Persecuciones Mortales: Karla Leal, Reporter/Producer; Phil Rogers, Reporter; Sylvia Barragan, Courtney
Copenhagen, Steven Curelo, Elda Duran, John Hodai, Casey Mitchell, Raul Quinones, Marcela Santana, Katy Smyser, Producers.

Outstanding Achievement for News Specialty Report/Series – Health/Science 
Suplementos Peligrosos: Iris Berrios, Reporter; Mario Carrasco, Diana Maldonado, Casey Mitchell, Marcela Santana, Carmen Vargas, Producers.

Outstanding Crafts Achievement for On-Camera Talent – Program Host/Moderator
Maria Elena Ponticiello – Composite.

The complete list of winners is on the Chicago/Midwest NATAS chapter website.

Univision Miami Emmys 2016

The Univision 23 team celebrates during the Emmy after party.


WLTV Univision

General Assignment Report
Padres Morosos
Armando Pico, Erika Carrillo, David González

Investigative Report
Sexo Con Un Click
Armando Pico, Erika Carrillo, Juan Gomez

Guerra Sobre Ruedas
Armando Pico, Erika Carrillo, Juan Gomez

La Capital del Fraude
Armando Pico, Erika Carrillo, Carlos Barquin

Venezuela: Reino de Anarquia
Fernando Giron, Olimpia Liscano, Manuel Rodríguez

Societal Concerns
Epidemia Encubierta
Sandra Peebles, David Gonzalez

Investigador Forense
Gloria Ordaz, Joaquín González

Special Event Coverage
Festival Estival Calle Ocho
Madeline Norda-Santiago, Maria Valdés, Rafael Flores, Vicente Raigoso, Armando Pico, James E. Knight

Epidemia Encubierta
Sandra Peebles

Governor’s Award
Best overall Local Station in the Suncoast Chapter Region

Telemundo Miami Emmys 2016

Among its Emmy wins, Telemundo picked up honors for overall station and news excellence.

WSCV Telemundo

Overall Excellence
Jorge Carballo

News Excellence
Helga Silva

Continuing Coverage – No Time Limit
Ayuda A Ecuador
Jasmina Marazita, Fanny Hoyos, Alejandro Isturiz Maharbiz, Jorge Gaston Toledo

Investigative Report – Single Story
Telemundo 51 Responde: Hospital Bill
Sandra Fiedler Esquivel

Telemundo 51 Responde: Estafa Venta de Casa
Myriam Masihy, Jorge Gaston Toledo, Pedro Cancio,
Patricio Munoz, Luz Sanchez

Feature News Report – Serious Series
Madres Tras Las Rejas
Adriana Mocciola, Marilys Llanos, Jorge Gaston Toledo

Preso y Ahora Que?
Adriana Carolina Novoa

Journalistic Enterprise – No Time Limit
Telemundo 51 Responde
Myriam Masihy

News Producer
Fanny Hoyos

Talent – Reporter – Political
Marilys Llanos

Talent – Reporter – Consumer
Telemundo 51 Responde
Myriam Masihy

Photographer – Video Essay (Single Camera Only)
Rostros de Nuestra Ciudad
Yoel Rivero

The complete list of winners is on the Suncoast NATAS chapter website.

*Story was updated to correct the number of Emmys picked up by Telemundo 51 in Miami. 

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Telemundo Chicago hires Sánchez, names Ramírez investigative reporter

Telemundo Chicago hires Sánchez, names Ramírez investigative reporter

Irene Sanchez and Zully Ramirez

Irene Sánchez and Zully Ramírez

Irene Sanchez has joined WSNS Telemundo Chicago as a news reporter for the station’s 4, 4:30, 5 and 10 pm newscasts. She debuts on air next Monday, October 17.

The station also announced it has named Zully Ramirez as the new investigative reporter for its consumer unit Telemundo Responde.

Irene arrives to Telemundo Chicago from Univision in Miami, where she was a reporter and producer for Noticiero Univision and also reported for Univision 23.

Zully joined the station as a news reporter in January of 2014. She was previously a news reporter for Univision’s Boston affiliate WUNI-TV from 2011 to 2013. Before that, she was host of the program Hoy en Nueva York for World Communications Enterprises from 2010 to 2011.

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De Santiago joins Telemundo Chicago

De Santiago joins Telemundo Chicago

Jorge Enrique de SantiagoJorge Enrique De Santiago has been named General Assignment Reporter for “Noticiero Telemundo Chicago.” He’ll be working weekdays for the station’s 4:30, 5 and 10 pm newscasts.

His official start date is June 1, but he’ll begin on air the following week.

Jorge Enrique arrives to Chicago from KVDA Telemundo 60 San Antonio, where he has been a general assignment reporter for Noticias 60 Telemundo on weekdays at 5 pm and an anchor for the daily newscast at 10 pm.

He previously worked as a Multimedia Journalist, Reporter, Producer and Technical Director for Entravision Communications in Las Vegas and Reno from September 2011 to September 2013.

His past experience includes jobs as Chief of Master Control for Univision Arizona and talent/producer for Radio Campesina Network in Phoenix.

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Miner Lugo named Web Editor at WSNS

Miner Lugo named Web Editor at WSNS

Michelle Miner LugoMichelle Miner Lugo has jumped ship from Univision to Telemundo in Chicago. She has started a new job as Web Editor of Telemundo’s WSNS-44.

She previously spent 3 years as Online Publisher of UnivisionChicago.com, handling production of web content and the station’s social media accounts. Before that, she was an Assignment Desk Editor at the WGBO-66, the Univision O&O in Chicago for 2 years.

Her last day at Univision’s WGBO Channel 66 was April 30 and her first at Telemundo was May 11.

Prior to moving to Chicago, Michelle worked as a freelance Photographer for Puerto Rico’s El Nuevo Día and Primera Hora newspapers.

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Arana joins Telemundo Chicago as sports anchor

Rodrigo AranaRodrigo Arana is leaving Mexico City for the Windy City. He has been named sports anchor for Noticiero Telemundo Chicago at 5 and 10 pm. He starts the new job December 8.

Rodrigo replaces Oscar Guzmán, who left the sports anchor seat in February.

For the past 8 years, Rodrigo has worked as a reporter, news editor and weekday sports anchor for Fox Sports Latin America in Mexico City.

His last day at Fox Sports is Sunday, November 23.

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Edna Schmidt sues Telemundo for wrongful termination

Edna SchmidtFormer anchor Edna Schmidt has been doing the media rounds in Chicago this week, promoting WGBO Univision’s special series “Edna Mi Verdad,” about women and alcoholism that features her battle with the disease and her professional downfall because of it.

A founding co-anchor of Univision Chicago’s newscast, Edna was also interviewed live on the set on election night, after the airing of the second part of the series.

But she’s not just speaking out in the media – Edna is taking her case to court. On Thursday, her attorneys filed a lawsuit in federal court on her behalf against WSNS Telemundo Chicago and NBC Universal Media for wrongful termination.

It has been over a year since Edna was pulled off the air at WSNS and terminated from her $200,000 paying anchor job at the Telemundo Chicago station.

According to documents filed with the complaint, station management took her off the air on September 30, 2013 in the middle of the 10 pm newscast for appearing intoxicated.

Edna Schmidt's lawsuit against Telemundo Chicago and NBC Universal was filed Thursday in federal court.

Edna Schmidt’s lawsuit against Telemundo Chicago and NBC Universal was filed Thursday in federal court.

The suit claims Telemundo and NBC Universal violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by not providing Edna with “reasonable accommodation for her condition.”

According to the ADA, “an alcoholic is a person with a disability and is protected by the ADA if s/he is qualified to perform the essential functions of the job. An employer may be required to provide an accommodation to an alcoholic. However, an employer can discipline, discharge or deny employment to an alcoholic whose use of alcohol adversely affects job performance or conduct.”

Edna is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

Telemundo has not yet responded to a request for comment about the lawsuit.

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Monge leaves Univision San Antonio for Telemundo Chicago

Anabel MongeAnabel Monge is leaving her anchor job at Univision San Antonio to join “Noticiero Telemundo Chicago.” She’ll be co-anchoring the 5 and 10 pm newscasts alongside Alfonso Gutiérrez.

She officially starts with Telemundo on October 6, but there is no date set yet on when she’ll go on the air.

Anabel replaces Edna Schmidt, who was removed from the anchor desk in October of last year, after less than 3 months on the job. Since then, Alfonso has been the solo anchor of the newscast.

Anabel has spent the past 6 years at Univision 41 in San Antonio, most recently, as a weekday anchor/reporter. Before her move to Texas in 2008, she worked at Univision 19 in Sacramento and Univision 21 in Fresno as a general assignment reporter.

She also worked as a reporter for NBC 9 in El Paso from 2004 to 2005 and NBC 9 in Midland from 2002 to 2004.

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Edna Schmidt ousted from Telemundo Chicago

Edna_Schmidt-smallLess than 3 months after being named weekday anchor at WSNS, Telemundo’s O&O in Chicago, Edna Schmidt is no longer with the station.
A Telemundo spokesperson confirmed she is no longer with the company, with the following brief statement:
“Edna Schmidt is no longer with Telemundo Chicago. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

Sources say she was suspended about two weeks ago, after she was seen on the air slurring her words while reading the news, in an apparent state of intoxication.

Telemundo would not elaborate further as to the reason why she is no longer with the company.

Prior to her return to Chicago, Edna had been off the air for the past 2 years, after Univision terminated her in September of 2011.

For the time being, Alfonso Gutiérrez will be the sole anchor for the 5 and 10 pm newscasts.

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