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Trump sues Univision for $500 million

Trump sues Univision for $500 million

Trump-UnivisionDonald Trump made good on his promise. He’s suing Univision for $500 million, alleging breach of contract and defamation after it broke business ties with Trump and announced it wouldn’t air the Miss USA pageant on July 12. It also accuses Univision of colluding with NBC.

Ironically, the lawsuit states that “reaching the largest Spanish-speaking audience possible is absolutely critical to the success and future” of the Miss Universe Organization.”

Both Trump and the Miss Universe Organization appear as plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed in New York Supreme Court today. The complaint also names Alberto Ciurana, Univision’s President of Programming and Content, as a defendant.

Ciurana’s inclusion in the lawsuit comes after he posted a photo of Trump comparing him to Dylan Roof, the 21-year old arrested in the recent murder of 9 African-Americans in a Charleston church.


Trump claims this Instagram image Ciurana posted, and later deleted, comparing him to the alleged murdered of 9 African-Americans, is defamatory.

Even though he removed “the defamatory post, the damage was already done,” claims Trump.“Mr. Ciurana’s post was picked up by the media” becoming “another example of Univision’s dubious efforts to create a false narrative in an attempt to upset Mr. Trump’s longstanding personal and business relationship with the Hispanic community.”

The lawsuit reveals the deal with Univision was secured after a bidding war with Telemundo. According to the document, Univision won after agreeing to pay $13.5 million for the rights to broadcast the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and the Miss Universe pageants from 2015 through 2019. The deal stipulates Univision would pay $2.5 million per year until 2017, and $3 million per year for 2018 and 2019.

In the lawsuit, Trump alleges Univision’s reason for pulling out of the deal was politically motivated and was done to suppress his freedom of speech after declaring his presidential candidacy, not over his comments about Mexicans.

Trump also claims a high-ranking Univision executive called him saying that in response to his comments on illegal immigration, the network had been “inundated with calls demanding that Univision immediately terminate its relationship” with Trump and the Miss Universe Organization and that they could “no longer sell” the Miss USA pageant to its sponsors or viewers.

Trump states the executive apologized for not airing the pageant and that “the decision had been made by the highest ranking executives at Univision to terminate its relationship” and pay the Miss Universe Organization its $13.5 million in licensing fees.

Univision CEO Randy Falco emphatically denied apologizing to Trump in a memo he sent to staff on Monday: “we never apologized because we have nothing to apologize for.”

Trump accuses Univision execs, including CEO Randy Falco of colluding with NBC.

Trump accuses Univision execs, including CEO Randy Falco of colluding with NBC.

The lawsuit accuses Univision executives, including Falco, who worked at NBC for 30 years, of lobbying former colleagues and colluding “with executives at NBC to permanently sever its contractual and business relationship” by “refusing to broadcast the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe pageants in express violation of NBC’s contractual obligations.”

Due to these actions, Trump claims “NBC capitulated to Univision’s demands to terminate its relationship” with him and the Miss Universe Organization.

The plaintiffs say they’re seeking substantial damages “As a result of Defendants’ egregious, brazen and unjustifiable acts and conduct, including, without limitation, their intentional breach of the Univision Agreement and interference with Plaintiffs’ contractual relations with NBC.”

They estimate their losses to be in the “tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.”

Univision responded to the lawsuit with the following statement:

“We just reviewed Mr. Trump’s complaint for the first time, and it is both factually false and legally ridiculous.  We will not only vigorously defend the case, but will continue to fight against Mr. Trump’s ongoing efforts to run away from the derogatory comments he made on June 16th about Mexican immigrants.  Our decision to end our business relationship with Mr. Trump was influenced solely by our responsibility to speak up for the community we serve.”

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NBC follows Univision’s lead and dumps Trump

NBC follows Univision’s lead and dumps Trump

NBC-Trump2Insulting Mexicans during the speech announcing his presidential candidacy has backfired big time for Donald Trump.

First, Univision severed ties with Trump, refusing to air the Spanish-language telecast of Miss Universe and the Miss Universe pageants after he stated Mexican immigrants are criminals, drug dealers and rapists, reiterating those comments in interviews.

Now, NBC has pulled the plug on both shows and Trump himself.

Here’s the statement NBC issued today:

“At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values. Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.

To that end, the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants, which are part of a joint venture between NBC and Trump, will no longer air on NBC. In addition, as Mr. Trump has already indicated, he will not be participating in “The Apprentice” on NBC.”

Trump-Univision ban ltrNBC had been under pressure to take action since Univision broke off business dealings with Trump last week.

Almost 220,000 people signed a petition on change.org asking NBC to “fire” Trump and his shows.

“Please cancel Miss USA, Miss Universe and the Apprentice. You are supporting a hateful and narcissistic individual without any kind of values, both personal and business wise. Not only that, but you are supporting a growing trend of bigotry and division in this country. Mr. Trump does not need to apologize anymore, which he will not according to his remarks after being dumped by Univision,” reads the petition. “A large part of your audience is Hispanic and we watch NBC, NBC News, and Telemundo. How about looking out for us?”

Trump, meanwhile, has been fighting back his own way since last Thursday, threatening lawsuits, tweeting comments and banning Univision employees from his resort and golf club in Miami. (He actually sent Univision CEO Randy Falco a letter prohibiting network staffers use of the Trump National Doral facilities.)

In response to NBC’s action, Trump today posted a statement on Instagram reaffirming his comments about Trump-NBC instagramMexicans and calling NBC “weak” for trying to be “politically correct,” affirming that’s why “our country is in serious trouble.”

He also warned NBC that the decision to violate its contract with the Miss Universe Organization will be determined in a court of law.

Also today, Univision CEO Randy Falco sent an internal memo explaining his decision to break ties with Trump and addressing some of the real estate mogul’s accusations.

Here’s Falco’s full memo:

Randy Falco

Randy Falco

There has been a lot of press recently around the decision related to Donald Trump and I want to address it with you so you understand the position taken. I made the decision to end business relationships with the Trump Organization simply because it was the right thing to do. No one approached me, asked me or pressured me to take this action. There have been a number of ridiculous assertions bordering on the bizarre, made from different people, that the Mexican government put pressure on us, that we were under political pressure to hurt a Republican candidate’s chances to the nomination, or that we were trying to assist other political candidates. None of this is remotely true. I can also assure you that we never apologized because we have nothing to apologize for.

At Univision, a U.S. based Company that proudly serves as the voice of Hispanics, we had to act according to our values as a mission driven company dedicated to serving our community. We cannot be associated with insulting and intolerant speech that brands an entire community of Mexican immigrants in the U.S. as people who bring drugs, crime and rape into our country. To the contrary, as I said in our statement, we see first-hand the work ethic, love for family, strong religious values and the important role Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans have had and will continue to have in building the future of our country. We took this action because it preserves the dignity of our community and our employees and our relationship with them.

I know a lot of us were angered and hurt by the comments made by Mr. Trump, but I want to ask you to be confident in our decision and dignified going forward. As offended as we were, we should not use, on any platform or communication, the same incendiary language we are standing against.

The response of our community has been inspiring and I’m grateful for how the diverse Hispanic community is uniting to stand up for what is right. We should continue to foster this unity by promoting positive dialogue through the hashtag #todosmexicanos.


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Univision ends ties with Trump over remarks about Mexicans

Univision ends ties with Trump over remarks about Mexicans

Trump-UnivisionFacing breach of contract, Univision today announced it is ending the company’s business relationship with the Miss Universe Organization, part-owned by Donald J. Trump, after he made highly offensive and “insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants” during a speech declaring his candidacy for president.

That means that the Miss USA pageant will not air on UniMás network on Sunday, July 12, as Univision announced on June 16 – the same day of Trump’s speech. The Spanish-language telecast was scheduled to be hosted by Cristián de la Fuente and Roselyn Sánchez.

Trump’s legal team retaliated by announcing they will sue for “hundreds of millions of dollars” for backing out of a legally binding contract.

In his speech, Trump affirmed that Mexican immigrants were criminals, rapists and drug traffickers, even though he acknowledged there were some “good people.”

The comments caused a social media firestorm, and Univision was criticized on Facebook and Twitter for having ties with Trump – a man whose derogatory statements affect the very audience the network serves.

After the backlash, Univision this morning issued a two-paragraph statement backing out of the Miss Universe deal:

“Today, the entertainment division of Univision Communications Inc. announced that it is ending the Company’s business relationship with the Miss Universe Organization, which is part-owned by Donald J. Trump, based on his recent, insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants. At Univision, we see first-hand the work ethic, love for family, strong religious values and the important role Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans have had and will continue to have in building the future of our country. We will not be airing the Miss USA pageant on July 12th or working on any other projects tied to the Trump Organization.

Univision News and the local news division will continue to provide comprehensive coverage of all candidates, including Mr. Trump, to ensure our audience continues to have access to all points of view.”

Not one to stay quiet, Trump immediately sent out several tweets reinforcing his earlier comments:

Univision signed a 5-year deal with the Miss Universe organization in January of this year, valued at more than $13 million.

Backing out of the deal will cost Univision a pretty penny. According to the LA Times, the network already paid a $2.5-million fee to cover the pageant rights for this year.

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Jiménez takes over Univision Radio, Valle reassigned in company reorganization

Jiménez takes over Univision Radio, Valle reassigned in company reorganization

Univision Radio president José Valle

José Valle

Univision today announced a series of leadership changes in its radio division and local media structure, effect immediately.

José Valle, President of Univision Radio since 2011, leaves that role to become President of Political & Advocacy Sales.

Jaime Jiménez, currently EVP, Univision Local Media, keeps that title and will assume responsibilities for Univision Radio content and Univision Radio’s operating hubs in Los Angeles, Miami and San Antonio. He was previously responsible for half of Univision’s local TV and radio stations.

Both executives will remain based in Los Angeles. Valle will report to Keith Turner, President, Advertising Sales & Marketing for UCI and Jiménez will report to Kevin Cuddihy, President, Univision Local Media.

As part of the changes, Univision Radio’s AM stations will be integrated locally effective immediately.

In an email to staff, Cuddihy announced changes to the Local Media structure that will put “an emphasis on resources, responsibility and authority at the local station level and focuses corporate resources to providing strategic direction, process improvement and standardization, and general support.”

Jaime Jimenez - Jose Valle

Jaime Jiménez

Here’s the new organizational chart, effective immediately:

·         General Managers in Los Angeles (Luis Patiño), New York (Ramon Pineda), Miami (Claudia Puig), Chicago (Doug Levy), Dallas (Mark Masepohl), Houston (David Loving) and Puerto Rico (Jaime Bauza) will now report directly to Cuddihy.

·         Jaime Jiménez, EVP, Local Media, will oversee Radio content, Univision Radio’s operating hubs in Los Angeles, Miami and San Antonio, and UCI owned radio-only markets: San Diego, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, El Paso and McAllen

·         Lee Davis, EVP, Local Media, will take on an operations role with oversight of the San Francisco, Arizona, San Antonio, Austin, Fresno, Sacramento and Bakersfield markets

·         Directors of Sales (DOS) – In each market, the DOS will report directly to the general manager with a dotted line to Keith Turner

·         Alberto Mier y Terán, EVP, Local Media, will assume responsibility for News, Engineering, Research, Digital and Vendor Program Sales across the Local Media organization

·         Luis Fernandez-Rocha, SVP, Local Media, will oversee UCI owned TV only markets and joint sales agreement (JSA) markets including Raleigh, Cleveland, Denver, Boston, Orlando, Tampa, Albuquerque, DC and Salt Lake City

·         In addition to his role with the Office of the CEO, Adam Shippee will assist the Local Media organization with ad sales operations and commercial excellence efforts

Univision previously underwent a management restructuring in August of last year.

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Univision and WaPo partner for presidential campaign coverage

Univision and WaPo partner for presidential campaign coverage

Univision-WaPostUnivision is gearing up for its coverage leading up to the 2016 presidential elections. Today, the company announced it has teamed up with The Washington Post to “offer deep, authoritative coverage of Hispanic voters during the 2016 presidential campaign.”

Univision and The Washington Post will collaborate in polling and joint reporting projects that will feature video interviews, interactive graphics and digital storytelling, as well as coverage of Hispanic voters and the issues that matter most to this key demographic.

Both news organizations will also sponsor a Republican presidential candidates’ forum ahead of the March 2016 primaries.

As part of the partnership, some of paper’s Spanish-speaking reporters and editors will also appear on Univision Network to discuss the campaign including political blogger José DelReal, campaign reporter Ed O’Keefe, and PowerPost editor Rachel Van Dongen.

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Zea out at WUVC

Zea out at WUVC

Jaime ZeaJaime Zea is no longer at WUVC Univision 40. He anchored his last newscast on Friday, June 12.

This is Jaime’s second departure from Univision’s O&O in North Carolina. Initially hired in 2011 to launch the Univision’s first half-hour newscast in Raleigh, he left the station in May of 2013 for a brief stint at WXTV Univision 41 in New York as a News Assignment Desk Editor for the 11:00 pm newscast.

Jaime rejoined the station as News Director and anchor in March of last year.

No word yet on where he’s going next.

Reporter Natalia Verdina is filling in as anchor while management searches for a full time replacement.

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Netflix adds Spanish-language shows, debuts Mexican original series

Netflix adds Spanish-language shows, debuts Mexican original series

netflix-logoNetflix is expanding its selection of Spanish-language programming for U.S. members.

As a result of expanded partnerships with Univision, Telemundo and other broadcasters, Netflix has added a broader lineup of Spanish-language tele-series, novelas, comedies, documentaries and movies.

Some of the titles that will now be available for U.S. Netflix customers: El Chapulín Colorado, Teresa,  María La Del Barrio, La Usurpadora, El Señor de los Cielos, La Reina del Sur, Los Caballeros Las Prefieren Brutas and the U.S. Hispanic version of the Brazilian classic El Clon.

The online streaming service will also premiere the original series, Club de Cuervos, from Mexican filmmaker Gaz Alazraki (“Nosotros los Nobles”), in all Netflix territories on August 7, 2015.

All 13 episodes of season one of the series, which stars Luis Gerardo Méndez and Mariana Treviño, will be available exclusively on Netflix.

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Univision names Deen SVP Digital, promotes Ruiz to EVP

Univision names Deen SVP Digital, promotes Ruiz to EVP

Sameer Deen

Sameer Deen

Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) today announced the hiring of Sameer Deen as SVP, Univision Digital and the promotion of Roberto Ruiz to EVP, Strategy and Insights.

Deen will be based in Miami and report to Isaac Lee, President of News and Digital for UCI and CEO of Fusion.

Deen will be responsible for establishing and leading the digital strategy to reach new audiences by enhancing the user experience across UCI’s growing digital and mobile portfolio and expanding digital offerings.

He joins Univision Scripps Networks Interactive (SNI) where, as SVP of Multiplatform Distribution and Strategy for, he led digital video distribution efforts.

He was previously SVP of Corporate Development for the company. Earlier in his career he was Director, New Media for NBC Universal and Director of Financial and Strategic Planning for NBC Universal Networks.

Roberto Ruiz

Roberto Ruiz

Ruiz will remain based in New York and continue to report to Kevin Conroy, Chief Strategy & Data Officer and President, Enterprise Development.

Before joining UCI in 2008 as VP of Strategy & Insights, Ruiz was the founder and president of Consumer Contacts, a consulting firm specializing in Hispanic marketing and was Managing Director for La Agencia de Orci.

He was also a founding partner at The Vidal Partnership, a Hispanic ad agency in New York.

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Univision promotes Loris, Deschapelles

Univision promotes Loris, Deschapelles


Patsy Loris

Univision has promoted Patsy Loris to SVP, News and Senior News Director. She’ll continue to oversee operations of Univision News, the network’s newscasts, as well as all news segments for “Despierta América.”

Loris was named VP of News in 2013, helping in the launch of cable network Fusion. She was previously Senior News Director for Univision.

Among her many roles during her three-decade career at Univision, she created and produced “Al Punto with Jorge Ramos,” the network’s Sunday morning public affairs program.

carlos deschapelles

Carlos Deschapelles

The company has also promoted Carlos Deschapelles to EVP of Network and Digital Sales.

In his new role, he’ll continue leading the network and digital sales teams across the country with a focus on sports sales.

Since joining Univision almost 30 years ago, Deschapelles has held multiple management roles, including National Sales Manager for WLTV-23, and most recently, SVP of Sports Sales, overseeing the Sports Sales for all of company’s sports properties and platforms, including television, radio and digital.

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Univision’s KUVS wins 16 Emmys, KDTV gets 9

Univision’s KUVS wins 16 Emmys, KDTV gets 9

KUVS-19, Univision’s O&O in Sacramento, scored big at the 44th Annual Northern California Area Emmy Awards. In addition to winning best morning and 6 pm newscast honors, it picked up awards in 14 other categories during the event held Saturday, June 6 at the SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco.


Univision Sacramento won 16 Emmys, including best morning and 6 pm newscast.

KDTV-14 Univision San Francisco won 9, while KFTV-21 Fresno and Telemundo’s KSTS-48 both got 2 awards.

Here’s the list of winners of the Spanish-language contest:

KUVS-19 Univision Sacramento

Newscast-Daytime-Larger Markets
“A Primera Hora,” KUVS Univision 19

Newscast-Evening- Larger Markets
“Noticias 19 a las seis,” KUVS Univision 19

Breaking News
“En el cumplimiento de su deber,” KUVS Univision 19

Continuing Coverage-No Time Limit
“Esperanza Estancada,” KUVS Univision 19

Investigative Report-Series
“Victima X 2,” KUVS Univision 19
SERGIO FLORES, Reporter; MIGUEL SOLORIO, Photographer/Editor

Feature News Report-Serious Series
“Sueños Sin Raíces,” KUVS Univision 19
SERGIO FLORES, Reporter; JOSÉ M. ESTRELLA, Photographer/Editor

NEWS & PROGRAM SPECIALTY Informational/Instructional-Feature/Segment
“Cara a Cara con el Fuego,” KUVS Univision 19
PAMELA DÍAZ, Producer/Reporter; JOSÉ M. ESTRELLA, Photographer/Editor

“La Ciudad Perdida,” KUVS Univision 19
KARINA BANDA, Reporter; NATANAEL LÓPEZ, Photographer/Editor

Public/Current/Community Affairs-Feature/Segment
“Pequeños y valiosos, 15 minutos si podemos,” KUVS Univision 19 MARIBEL LÓPEZ, Anchor/Producer;

“Campeón Sin Corona,” KUVS Univision 19
SERGIO FLORES, Reporter/Editor; JOSÉ M. ESTRELLA, Videographer/Editor

CRAFT ACHIEVEMENT On-Camera Talent-News Reporter
“Pamela Díaz Les Informa,” KUVS Univision 19 PAMELA DÍAZ, Reporter

Photographer-News-No Time Limit
“Estrella Composite,” KUVS Univision 19 JOSÉ M. ESTRELLA, Photographer

Editor-News No Time Limit
“Solorio Composite,” KUVS Univision 19 MIGUEL SOLORIO, Editor

Video Journalist-Within 24 Hours
“Incendio Monticello,” KUVS Univision 19 SERGIO FLORES, Video Journalist

Video Journalist-No Time Limit
“Cosechando El Éxito,” KUVS Univision 19 SERGIO FLORES, Video Journalist

Graphic Arts-Graphics & Animation
“William Jiménez Composite,” KUVS Univision 19 WILLIAM JIMÉNEZ, Motion Designer/Editor

KDTV-14 Univision San Francisco

General Assignment Report
“Napa Earthquake Damage,” KDTV Univision 14 MARÍA LETICIA GÓMEZ, Reporter

Continuing Coverage-Within 24 Hours
“Napa Earthquake,” KDTV Univision 14

Feature News Report-Serious
“Hotel 22,” KDTV Univision 14

“Acción Ejecutiva,” KDTV Univision 14

“Pasaporte al Mundial,” KDTV Univision 14

Public/Current/Community Affairs-Feature/Segment
“Para bien o para mal,” KDTV Univision 14 FLAVIO LACAYO, Reporter

Public/Current/Community Affairs-Program/Special
“Niños de la Frontera,” KDTV Univision 14

On-Camera Talent-ProgramHost/Moderator/Reporter
“Vilanova Composite,” KDTV Univision 14 KIRA VILANOVA, Host

Journalistic Enterprise-No Time Limit
“Historias de San Quintin,” KDTV Univision 14

KFTV-21 Univision Fresno

Feature News Report-Light Series
“Ruta de la Sierra,” KFTV Univision 21
DAVID IBARRA, Anchor/Reporter; VLADIMIR ARAYA, Producer/Photographer/Editor

Sports-Daily or Weekly Program/Series
“Termina el mundial / Acción Deportiva Extra ADE,” KFTV Univision 21
SANDY SIRIAS, Executive Producer; GEOVANA HERRERA, Producer; RAÚL DELGADO, Sports Anchor; RAUL LIMA, Director/Technical Director

KSTS-48 Telemundo San Jose/Bay Area

“Overcoming challenges: walking the wheelchair,” KSTS Telemundo 48 ANDRÉS BRENDER, Producer/Reporter/Photographer/Editor

On-Camera Talent-Sports-Anchor/Reporter
“Presentador de deportes: Gabriel Sotelo,” KSTS Telemundo 48 GABRIEL SOTELO, Sports Anchor

The NorCal Academy of Television Arts and Sciences issue separate awards for English and Spanish language categories.

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Vizcón named News Director at WLTV-23

Vizcón named News Director at WLTV-23

Roberto VizconRoberto Vizcón, interim News Director for Noticias 23 since February, has been officially given the permanent position, effective immediately.

Vizcón replaces Daniel Morcate, who was removed from that role less than a year after taking over the job as the ratings for Univision’s newscasts in Miami continued to lose ground to Telemundo 51.

Before stepping in as Noticias 23 interim News Director, Vizcón was Univision’s Director of News and Special Projects, Local News.

He was previously News Director of WLII Canal 11, Univision’s O&O in Puerto Rico. His past experience includes roles as General Manager for WGEN-TV Channel 8 in Miami and GM of WTMO-TV in Orlando. Before that, he spent 10 years as News Director of WSCV-51, Telemundo’s O&O in Miami.

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Univision expands brand to LAX

Univision expands brand to LAX

Univision LAX

Mayor Eric Garcetti (center) welcomed Univision’s retail store to LAX.

Univision is banking on maximizing its brand among its consumer base – now, at Los Angeles airport.

Mayor Eric Garcetti was present at today’s ribbon cutting ceremony, celebrating the opening of Univision’s two retail stores at the newly redesigned LAX’s Terminal 2, which houses three Latin American airlines.

The two first-ever, nation-wide Univision-branded stores will air Univision programming throughout the day on large media screens.

One store is on the Arrivals Level (pre-security) and the other on the Departures Level (post-security).

According to the company, the terminal serves 5.5 million annual passengers.

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