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Sandoval out at Univision

Neida Sandoval, the last remaining original member of “Despierta América’s” talent team, has been taken off the morning show’s news desk.

Neida has been news anchor since the show’s inception in 1997.  Before that, she spent 5 years as a correspondent for “Noticias y Más,” later renamed “Primer Impacto.”

She was previously reporter and news anchor at KLUZ-41 in Albuquerque and at  KWEZ-41 in San Antonio.

A network rep would not comment on the changes.

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18 Responses to “Sandoval out at Univision”

  1. Despierta America Sucks says:

    What a shame! The show has changed since it started in 1997; therefore, I don’t watch it anymore. I hope their rating decline.

    THey have taken off all the “older” people and substituted them with younger people.

  2. elba says:

    neyda, go to telemundo. I stopped watching DA long ago. you have made the show since everyone else left.with out you what is left it’s nothing. we
    love you and wil l miss you. good luck.

  3. Armando says:

    Univision, Telemundo, Estrella, Mega, TV Azteca, you name it…

    Spanish TV has become increasingly irrelevant to me. Yes, I speak Spanish. It’s my first language but I can’t stand their programming

    Miniskirts, low-cut dresses, endless beer commercials, an obsession with immigration-related news, celebrity-chasing, “court-style” shows, etc. They are all trashy.

    I prefer to watch VMe, Discovery En Espanol and CNN En Espanol (although I have to say, they’re following this bad trend). Shows that at the very least don’t make me cringe every few seconds and that I can watch with my family

  4. Annette says:

    Okay this is a perfect opportunity for Telemundo to grab all that talent and revamp their morning show (which by the way is horrible too, just like the new D.A).

  5. Lourdes says:

    Despierta America is sooooo bad now, who the heck is watching anyway? Neida I say go to CNNEspanol that’s what I watch now.

  6. Alexa says:

    Goodbye Neida we will always love you and follow you where ever you land.

    I can honestly say Despierta America is not what it used to be!!!!

    First firing all the great talent we were used to (and funny too). For the over glammed, unfunny and pretentious, chubby guy, Karla and Chiquinquira.

    Then changing the warm and cozy set to that horrible looking blue set that is so flat and cold looking.

  7. Alfredo says:

    Vivo en los angeles, y me duele mucho ver la clase de programacion de los canales latinos. Novelas 24/7, programas de chismes, y las noticias? 30 minutos, incluyendo los comerciales the budlight y tecate.

    Espero Nedia busque un trabajo que nos reprensente mejor a los latinos aqui en Estados Unidos.


  8. Miguel says:

    uyuyuiiii Disque junto con Neida, salieron otros mas incluyendo “la voz” del canal que lleva como 30 años trabajando para Univision. Dicen que muy pronto van a sacar a otros mas y disque viene otro bombazo pronto. Sera Don Francisco?

    que horror para esta gente!

  9. YogaFrog says:

    This is really upsetting news! Neida has been on that show for so long. All these new changes that Univision has been making as of late has me scratching my head. Best of luck to her in the future…

  10. Just Sayin' says:

    Why are they moving her? Does Conde have a cousin or a friend he want to put in her place.

  11. Que lamentable lo que esta sucediendo en Univision
    …no solo hablo de los cambios en Despierta America..que son una vil copia al programa” Hoy” de mexico..sino al hecho de quitar a la gente asi como si nada… primero a Fernando …luego Anita Canseco..y ahora a Neida Sandoval..gente con la cual uno se identificaba y en cierta forma han marcado nuestras vidas a traves de estos anios….y en la lista tambien quiero agregar al senor Sergio Urquidi..Enrique Gratas…que tantas noches nos mantuvieron informados con las ultimas noticias del momento..ojala no sigan los cambios(despidos encubiertos)..

  12. Luz Elena says:

    Que relajo tan barato se ha vuelto Despierta America. Esta gente no tiene nada de gracia, creen que todo lo que hacen es chistoso y no lo es! Que pena pero se ven como unos ridiculos en la television.

  13. reyna says:

    Es una gran perdida que hemos tenido con grandes personas bien preparadas en el campo de la noticias durante muchos anios que la television se a vuelto mas latina.nosotros los latinos hemos apoyado univision desde que inicio y nos encanto mucho programas como despierta america,cristina,entre otros muy buenos que hoy en dia no es lo mismo sin sus viejos presentadores que nos divertian,informaban,y ademas nos ensenaban un buen espanol.ojalas estas nuevas personas que integren a univision traten de aprender lo que los viejos presentadores nos ensenaron a nosotros su publico.y sean personas que sepan hablar bien el espanol y el ingles.y nos representen a nosotros los latinos

  14. ana maria stewart says:

    How sad to see that one more valuable asset have been disconnected from Univision.
    Neida Sandoval, was the last of the mohicans from Despierta America. All the components of the show were kicked out, leaving the viewers without the choice of voting yes or no for their decision, but anyways, a country that is falling apart for the traffic of drugs and the bad politicians in charge, what elses can we expect???
    I am sure the majority of the people we knew in Despierta America already found a job and probably are making new goals at other tv stations not comparable with Univision.

    The change on the Despierta America staff, makes people think what kind of brains the producers have knowing that the people who watches the DA , are older and expects to see interesting things, not four crazy robots, that spend the time showing people cooking, attorneys from INS informing about the many forms there are to get the ilegal people write their status to seek help, or the discrimination existent, etc. The music is based on mexican groups with the same old songs, or gossip about the mexican actors or singers. Mexico is
    a country that makes no difference to the rest of the world, but since Azteca and Univision merged, what elses can we expect??? Mexico was a beautiful country years ago and became famous for its actors and singers,their discotheques, architeture, etc, but today people runs away from it, do to so much crime and corruption.
    Univision thinks they can cover the sun with a finger, unfortunately we live in a free country where we choose what to watch, what we want and elect who we think deserve to be elected.
    Stop impose u programs when they don’t appeal to the viwers. There are milliuons of people that never heard of Chiquinquira, Carla, Poncho, or the chubby venezuelan…come on u r going down the tube, wait and see!!!
    After u guys dropped Christina, she got a job with Telemundo, remember that u guys are open a big field for the talent people u guys get rid…be careful not to fall in it!

  15. Miguel says:

    Telemundo deberia re-crear la magia de Despierta America con los que han salido de Univision. No todo el mundo quiere ver tipas plasticas llenas de silicona y pelucas largas.

  16. carlos says:

    De la forma que estan sacando a la calle todo este talento, es una verguenza. Una lastima. Somos televidentes de su canal y cuando botan a los talentos que han sido como familia para nuestra, NOS DUELE MUCHO SEÑORES!! Todos los años viendolos y castigar a su talento de esta forma da pena. Ya sabemos que clase de liderazgo esta manejando Univision. No se dan cuenta el daño tan grave que le estan haciendo a el canal de los Hispanos. Les deseo suerte y exitos a toda la familia de talento de Univision que esta sin trabajo.

  17. JOE says:



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