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SBS moves El Zol 95.7 FM signal to 106.7 FM

SBS moves El Zol 95.7 FM signal to 106.7 FM

El Zol 106Spanish Broadcasting System announced today it has moved the signal of its Miami radio station WXDJ-FM El Zol 95.7 FM, a format featuring tropical Spanish-language hits, to 106.7 FM.

The call letters for WXDJ will eventually move to 106.7 FM to follow the El Zol’s format. The new El Zol 106.7 FM carries a stronger signal of 100,000 watts of power reaching from the Florida Keys to the north of West Palm Beach.

In place of El Zol 95.7 FM, SBS Radio Miami will continue airing announcements and simulcasting on both frequencies during the month of December letting all the listeners know of the frequency change.

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Telemundo’s “Buenos Dias NY” adds host, expands hours

Telemundo’s “Buenos Dias NY” adds host, expands hours

Buenos-Dias-Pacha1Popular New York radio personality Frederick Martínez, better known as “El Pacha,” joins  Telemundo 47 as co-host of “Buenos Días Nueva York” and “Acceso Total” starting July 1.

The Telemundo O&O, which relaunched its Mon-Fri live morning show in November of 2012, has announced it is adding another hour to the program, now airing from 5 to 7 am.  ”Buenos Días”  will also debut an additional new set.

The veteran host joins co-hosts Odalys Molina, Nathalia Ortiz, Allan Villafaña and Elliot Sáenz in the early morning show.  He’ll host the entertainment show  “Acceso Total” with Odalys.

El Pacha quit Univision Radio and Univision 41 in May to sign a deal with SBS and Telemundo.

He just launched “El Jukeo” on Mega 99.7 FM, Mon-Fri from 3 to 7 pm.


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SBS sees 22% revenue jump in Q1

SBS sees 22% revenue jump in Q1

SBS_logoSpanish Broadcasting System (SBS) saw a 22% increase in net revenue for the first quarter of 2013. For the quarter ending March 31, 2013, consolidated net revenues totaled $39.1 million compared to $32.1 million for the same prior year period – an increase of $7 million. 

SBS radio segment revenues increased $5.2 million or 19%, “primarily due to special events revenue, national, barter, local and interactive sales,” with the increase in national sales mainly in the Los Angeles market. Local sales increases in Puerto Rico, New York and Los Angeles  offset decreases in Chicago and San Francisco markets.  

The SBS television segment net revenues increased $1.8 million or 42%, “largely due to the increase in special events revenue, offset by a decrease in national and local spot sales and integrated sales.”

In a Q1 2013 earnings conference call on Thursday, President and CEO Raúl Alarcón Jr. stated SBS had generated double-digit increases in  revenue and cash flow during the first quarter. “We’re clearly benefiting from the investments we have made in our stations, our content, our digital assets and our sales infrastructure, as well as our focus on maintaining operating discipline, a strict operating discipline across the SBS organization.”

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SBS Radio revenues drop 4%, TV increases

SBS Radio revenues drop 4%, TV increases

sbs logoSBS released its financial results for the 4th quarter of 2012, revealing consolidated net revenues totaling $36.9 million.  That was a drop of $1.2 million or 3% from $38.2 compared to the  same prior year period.

The radio segment of the company saw a steeper decrease of $1.4 million or 4% “due to special events revenue and network sales, offset by increases in national, barter, local and interactive sales.”

The television segment actually saw a 3% increase in net revenue from $4.648 Q4 2011 to $4.780 million Q4 2012.

During the company’s earnings call yesterday, COO Albert Rodriguez stated that the company’s focus during 2012 was to strengthen and expand its digital presence and leverage “the popularity of our station brands and content resources” while continuing “to improve the profitability of our television segment, which once again posted positive operating cash flow in the fourth quarter.”

He also pointed out that national sales “increased significantly in our New York, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco markets. The driving force behind these increases was political, automotive, telecom and holiday retail business.”

He indicated that with an improving advertising environment and careful cost management, the company has positive business prospects for 2013 and beyond.

During the past week, SBS hired top level Univision Radio sales and entertainment executives, signaling a desire to tackle a more aggressive competitive strategy  in the Spanish-language radio market place.

You can read the transcript of the call here.


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Top execs leave Univision Radio, join SBS

Top execs leave Univision Radio, join SBS

Stephen Hobbs joins older brother Jack, who was named EVP of Corporate Sales at SBS.

Stephen Hobbs joins older brother Jack, who was named EVP of Corporate Sales at SBS.

Univision Radio is experiencing an exodus of some of its top sales executives. In just the last week, it has lost 3 key members of the corporate sales and entertainment team.

All of them have left to join Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS).

Last Sunday, Stephen Hobbs resigned from his job as VP of Entertainment at Univision Radio, to follow older brother Jack over to SBS.  Stephen has just been named VP of Entertainment at SBS.

His brother Jack resigned after 28 years helping build the company into today’s Univision Radio.


Bill Shadorf and Dave Boretti

On Thursday night, Bill Shardorf quit his job as Vice President of Corporate Sales at Univision Radio. He’ll be taking over as VP and Regional Manager for SBS.

And Dave Boretti left his job as SVP Strategic Initiatives, Univision Radio Corporate Sales on Friday night.

It had been initially reported that Boretti had been hired at SBS, but in an email statement to Media Moves, he wrote: “For the record, I did resign from Univision last Friday, but have not joined SBS and am considering several different options, SBS being one of them.”  He added that he ”will be committing shortly to new job.”

“All these guys worked for me in corporate sales at Univision Radio,” says Jack Hobbs. “It’s a great thing for SBS.  They have some power house guys coming to them.”

Jack Hobbs says he didn’t recruit any of the execs who decided to jump ship.  He says they all independently approached SBS after he left.

“There was a loyalty factor and an environmental factor.  They were looking at new challenges and the ability to think outside the box more than what was corralled at Univision, which is probably one of the bigger issues that had people starting to think about what was going on in the company,” says Hobbs.

When asked if there are institutional problems at Univision Radio, he would only say that “there’s now such a multi-layered decision making process that it’s starting to affect risk-taking.” But he insists, “It’s still a great company with a lot of potential in the market.”

Hobbs is confident he’ll be able to bring new ideas and help SBS become a leader in the industry. “I’ve got four good guys with me.  We’re going to kick it.  It’s going to be a challenge, but we have a lot of people who want us to succeed….We’re going to tear it up in 2013.”

Hobbs says SBS is in a great position to grow: “The company has four delivery channels - television, radio and digital delivery as well as the personal, in-touch concert delivery, where we can reach the consumer. We’re going to build it out to be competitive in the market and be #1 in the market, and the advertising community will see we’re shooting for that. We’ll also be building new relationships with other partners in the TV and radio world to extend the delivery.”

Although radio is the main delivery, Hobbs says having the “four tiers” was the most attractive “hook” for him and his team. “We have the sales know how and we have the routes. Now, its about building up the programs and the distribution system.

Raúl [Alarcón] has made a considerable investment in upgrading the programming, but also bringing in new people to sell, bring in new ideas and just an overall positive outlook to the community that he’s in it for the long haul.”

SBS has experienced its share of financial difficulties over the past few years.  The company is scheduled to release its fourth quarter and full year 2012 financial results after the close of market today and will host a conference call to discuss them on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at 11:00 am ET.


Correction: April 3, 2013

An earlier version of this article stated that Dave Boretti had immediately joined SBS after his resignation from Univision Radio.  In an email statement to Media Moves sent on April 3, he wrote that wasn’t the case and that he is currently considering several job options, including one at SBS.



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Hobbs resigns from Univision Radio, joins SBS

Hobbs resigns from Univision Radio, joins SBS

Jack_HobbsJack Hobbs has quit his job as Univision Radio’s Executive VP/Director of Corporate Sales. He turned in his resignation yesterday. He joins SBS as Executive VP of Corporate Sales.  He’ll continue to be based in Miami. He starts the new job on Monday, March 25. He’ll report to COO Albert Rodríguez.

In his new role, Hobbs will oversee cross-platform sales for Spanish Broadcasting System’s television, radio, entertainment, and internet divisions.

Hobbs had been with Univision since 1985, originally hired by Spanish International Network (SIN, predecessor to Univision) founder René Anselmo and Raúl Toraño, after retiring from a career as a major-league baseball pitcher for the Seattle Mariners and the Minnesota Twins.

He worked as a regional sales representative with Toraño and rose through the ranks as a network sports, national spot and network account executive. In 1990, Hobbs took over the Dallas sales office and through the growth of Hispanic agency business, witnessed the  expansion from $5 million in billing in 1990 to over $50 million in 1999 in the Dallas region.

Hobbs left Univision Television and joined Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation in 1999 to build the HBC Radio Network. HBC Radio Network grew from 37 to 72 stations.  The network merged with Univision to become Univision Radio in 2003, with programs that include Julie Stav, the Latin GRAMMY Awards, Dra. Aliza, Dra. Isabel, the NFL and Major League Baseball. Univision Radio also developed the Concert Series which brought Ricky Martin, Juanes, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez and Maná to the Univision Radio listeners and advertisers.

Last year, Hobbs worked on Univision Radio’s H20 Music Festival, focusing on the bilingual and bicultural market featuring both English and Spanish-language performers.

He was named Media Executive of the Year at the AHAA conference in 2007.



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WGN’s Duarte adds daily Spanish radio gig

WGN’s Duarte adds daily Spanish radio gig

Lourdes DuarteStarting today, WGN news anchor Lourdes Duarte will be delivering news briefs on WLEY-FM, the SBS radio station in Chicago.  Her news segment on “La Ley 107.9FM” will air Mon-Fri at 2:50 pm CT, during Omar “El Plebe” Novela’s midday show, as part of an arrangement between WGN-TV and WLEY-FM.  Lourdes and Omar will also discuss issues important to the Latino community in Chicago.

“I started out in news working with Spanish media, so it’s exciting to go back to it,” says Lourdes. “I will just have to make sure my brain makes the switch from Spanish to English in time for the 5 p.m. show every night. Otherwise I may start WGN News at 5 with: ‘Hola . . . yo soy Lourdes Duarte.’ ”

Lourdes currently anchors “WGN News at Five” and hosts WGN-TV’s public affairs show “Adelante Chicago.”  She joined the Tribune-owned station as a reporter in 2007. She was promoted to anchor in 2009. Prior to WGN-TV, she was a reporter/fill-in anchor at WJBK-TV in Detroit, Michigan and a reporter for WXIN-TV in Indianapolis. She started her broadcast career in her native Chicago, working as a freelance reporter for Telemundo.

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MegaTV pulls plug on “3 Caras de la Moneda,” announces new programming

MegaTV pulls plug on “3 Caras de la Moneda,” announces new programming

Candela Ferro, Leticia Callava and Olga Dager (left to right).

Less than 4 months since its debut in the 8 pm timeslot, MegaTV has decided to cancel “3 Caras de la Moneda” due to dismal ratings.  An inside source tells me the show “just didn’t connect with viewers.”

The show will continue to air in repeats this week, until the new programming lineup kicks in.

The show’s hosts, Leticia Callava, Candela Ferro and Olga Dager will not remain with the company. El Nuevo Herald reported on Friday that Candela Ferro would join MegaTV’s gossip show “Paparazzi Magazine,” but the network’s spokesman affirms that’s not the case.

MegaTV announced that starting Monday, June 18, the new programming slate which will begin at 5 pm, is as follows:

5 pm:  Videos of radio programs from New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Puerto Rico.

6 pm:  ”Mega News,” with anchors María Alejandra Requena and Alejandro Marcano Santelli.

7 pm:  ”Paparazzi Magazine,” with hosts Orietta de Luque and Javier Ceriani.

8 pm: “Passione,” Brazilian telenovela

9 pm: “Esta noche tu Night,” with host Alexis Valdés

10 pm: “Bayly,” with host  Jaime Bayly.



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Perez out at MegaTV

Perez out at MegaTV

José Pérez, MegaTV’s VP of Programming, resigned on Friday.  He had held that position since May of 2010.  He previously supervised morning and afternoon talk and entertainment radio shows for several of SBS’ Miami radio stations.

Pérez is best known for his 8 years at Univision, where he was Sr VP of Entertainment and Programming Development for the network. He went on to work as VP of Daytime Programming for Telemundo Network.

An inside source tells me Pérez was going to be let go this week.

Since his arrival, there have been multiple changes to MegaTV’s programming, but apparently, most have not worked to increase ratings.  MegaTV will have a new programming lineup starting next Monday.

There have been some recent management changes at MegaTV, including the promotion of Alex Alemán to the position of Senior Vice President of Consolidated Operations and the hiring of Alfredo Schwarz, who was named Vice President of Operations and Production of MegaTV.

It’s very possible that the responsibilities of the VP of Programming will be absorbed by Alemán and Schwarz.

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Schwarz hired at SBS

Schwarz hired at SBS

Alfredo Schwarz has joined Spanish Broadcasting System Inc.(SBS) as Vice President of Operations and Production of MegaTV effective immediately.

He will be in charge of the operation and production of the television division. He will report to the recently promoted Alex Alemán, Senior Vice President of Consolidated Operations of SBS.

Schwarz has 35 years of experience in television production and management.  He previously worked as General Director of Drama Production at Univision Network, where he developed telenovelas.

Prior to Univision, he was President of Fonovideo Productions, a position he held from 1996-2007. In this role, produced a series of shows and telenovelas in Venezuela which were rebroadcast on Telemundo and Univision.  Before that, he developed and produced more than 50 television programs in his native Venezuela, including international novela hits “Cristal” and “Topacio.”



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